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$100 - $35,000 Instant Payday Loans and Personal Installment Loans from Direct Lenders

  •  Quick and easy online application process which takes a few minutes

  • Available for both good and bad credit borrowers

  • No hard credit check at the three major credit bureaus

Applying doesn't affect your credit score. All the information is safe and confidential.

Services we run for You:

If you are looking for online help with payday advance, payroll loan, small dollar loan, salary loan, short term loan, cash advance, payday loan, please, go no further and choose PayDay Loan option above, filling out our simple form.

In case you need more than $1,000 - please, go for Installment Loan.

Need more than $5,000 - you can apply for a Personal Loan up to $35,000


We’ve got a short video for you in case you have no time to read, but you still want to know how this whole thing of applying online for cash advance works. The video will guide you through each of 3 steps telling you about key moments of applying online for either a payday loan or a an installment loan.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go and see yourself how easy the online application for cash advance or an instalment loan can be!


$100 - $35,000 Instant Payday Loans and Personal Installment Loans from Direct Lenders

If you need urgent cash for any personal needs and don't want to risk any of your property apply for a short-term small-dollar Payday Loan or longer-term Installment and Personal Loans. Bad credit is not a problem. Direct lenders can approve you for the necessary funds without a guarantor or collateral and even with NO hard credit check.

How Instant Cash Advance works?

To get a Payday Loan or Personal Installment Loan at Instant Cash Advance USA:

  • you choose the amount you need
  • decide on the most suitable loan type
  • fill out a free application form online
  • get matched with direct lenders ready to provide you with the money
  • read the agreement carefully, discuss the financial charges, fees, and terms
  • sign the agreement
  • get the money from your bank account within 1-2 business days

Why choose Instant Payday Loans or Personal Installment Loans?

  • You can borrow from $100 to $35,000 straight into your account sparing you from the headache of going to the store and waiting in lines. We do our best to save your time and, as the proverb says, “time is money”.
  • We have neither hidden fees nor require any type of obligation from your side to work with us.
  • We deal with approved lenders only that are ready to cooperate with us with the speed of lightning to keep our client, i.e. you, happy.

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